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Rabies & Anti Rabies Serum

July 26, 2018

1. What is Rabies? Rabies is a zoonotic disease (a disease that is transmitted to humans from animals) that is caused by a virus called rhabdovirus that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in endotherms. Rabies virus, a rhabdovirus present in infected animal’s saliva is inoculated into the bite wound Disease infects domestic and… Read More ›

Pathophysiology & Complications of Burn – Complete Presentation

Complete presentation on Pathophysiology & Complications of Burn Download PDF    

CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (CKD) – Complete Presentation

Complete presentation on Chronic Kidney Disease Download PDF    

Pancreatic Calcification

Pancreatic calcifications can arise form many aetiologies. Punctate intraductal calcifications acute alcoholic pancreatitis (20-40%) intraductal, numerous, small, irregular preponderant cause of diffuse pancreatic intraductal calcification chronic pancreatitis idiopathic: no underlying cause can be determined hyperparathyroidism (10%) – look for nephrocalcinosis or urolithiasis (70%) Kwashiorkor calcifications are common seen in paediatric population   Smaller intraductal calcifications senile usually… Read More ›

Acute Pancreatitis – Complete Presentation

Complete presentation on Acute pancreatitis, Signs & Symptoms, Differential Diagnosis, Investigations, Complications and Management. Download PDF (Credits to the author – Dr. S.P. Hewawasam (MD), Consultant Gastroenterologist/Senior Lecturer in Physiology)

Examination of the Abdomen

Intro (WIIPPPPE) Wash your hands Introduce yourself Identity of patient –confirm Permission (consent and explain examination) Pain? Position Initially at 45⁰ but must be lying flat to palpate abdomen.  A pillow under the head or raising knees slightly might help this. Privacy Expose fully (nipples to knees).  Important to see hernial orifices. General Inspection Surroundings Monitoring: Catheter… Read More ›

Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)

An acoustic neuroma is a type of non-cancerous (benign) brain tumour. It’s also known as a vestibular schwannoma. A benign brain tumour is a growth in the brain that usually grows slowly over many years and doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. Acoustic neuromas grow on the nerve used for hearing and balance, which can cause problems such… Read More ›

General Surgery Mnemonics

Lump examination (3S’s, 3C’s, 3T’s, 1F) Site Size Shape Contour Colour Consistency Tenderness Tethering Transillumination Fluctuance   Abdominal causes of clubbing (4 C’s) Coeliac disease Cirrhosis Crohn’s ulcerative Colitis   Causes of abdominal distension (6 F’s) Fat Fluid Flatus Faeces Foetus Fulminant mass   Causes of Pancreatitis (GET SMASHED) Gallstones Ethanol Trauma Steroids Mumps Autoimmune diseases e.g. SLE Scorpion venom… Read More ›

Bell’s Palsy vs. Stroke

The nerve effects of Bell’s palsy are peripheral, while in a stroke, the nerve effect is central. As you can see in the figure, motor innervation in the forehead comes from both cerebral cortex hemispheres. A stroke with symptoms of facial paralysis would show drooping only in the lower part of the face, as the… Read More ›

Blood Supply of Intestines

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