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Formation of Body Fluid

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  • Since the net force at the arteriolar end is directed from the capillary towards the interstitial space, blood plasma filters into the surrounding tissue
  • Around 1/200th of blood volume (0.5%) of blood plasma moves alongwith nutrienst, gases, minerals and chemicals {excluding red blood cells amd plasma proteins}
  • In a healthy male adult, each day around 24L of blood plasma is thus filtered into the tissue fluid


  • Since the net force at the venular end is directed from the interstitial space towards the capillary, blood plasma diffuses back to the capillary lumen
  • Although the net force has a lesserv magnitude than at the arteriolar end, fluid moves into the capillary due to larger pores at the venular end
  • However only around 85% of the tissue fluid is diffused back into the capillaries
  • Remaining tissue fluid is regularly removed by the lymphatic capillaries and eventually returned to the blood flow

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